Futures Pathway

Team Bath Netball have a proud history of developing young netballers into Superleague and international players.

The Team Bath Futures Pathway is made up of two Team Bath Netball Academies and four Team Bath Netball Hubs that run across the South West, allowing nearly 100 aspiring netballers, aged from 14 to 21, to benefit from top-class coaching plus lifestyle and sports science support.

Former Team Bath Superleague player Lois Jackson is the Academy Head Coach and the network is also supported by Netball South West.

Team Bath Netball Academies

North Academy (based at the University of Bath)

Head Coach: Lois Jackson.

Assistant Coach: Phillippa Hicks.

Current players: Ellie Gabriel, Lucy Taylor-Hunt, India Monllor, Emily Cridland, Ellie Jupp, Zoe Shadlock, Daisy Collett, Sophie Jackson, Kitty Gillings, Molly Hole, Ella Warner, Mia Regan, Lizzie McGecchie, Anna Brophy, Annie O’Rourke, Emily Becconsall, Emma Payne, Millie Pearce, Liberty Burnett, Kirsty Harris, Maya Meredith, Elisha New, Anya Le’Monnier, Jo Leslie, Caitlyn Rowley, George Ford, Liv Mitchell.

South Academy (based at the University of Exeter)

Head Coach: Denise Ellis.

Assistant Coach: Karen Dent.

Current players: Isla May, Rosie Bartlett, Poppy Sampson, Bethany Gummow, Mahala Prince-Jones, Megan Hamilton-Strong, Sophie Ewin, Ella Williams, Fabienne Bull, Katie Edwards, Mya Hounsall, Izzy Hopkins, Charlotte Steer, Charlie Plumridge, Hannah Barnes, Imogen Plumridge, Rachael Fee, Sophie Orchard, Meg Connabeare, Christina Shaw, Hannah Blackman, Jade Richards.

Team Bath Netball Hubs

Team Bath run hubs in Bristol, Cornwall, Dorset and Exeter. Here’s an insight into training with the Dorset Hub…

Bristol Hub (based at South Gloucestershire & Stroud College)

Head Coach: Lois Jackson.

Assistant Coach: Tammie Anderson.

S&C Coach: Kieron Smith.

Current players: Amelia Watson, Anna Brophy, Annie O’Rourke, Daisy Collett, Ellie Jupp, Ellie Gabriel, Emily Becconsall, Fearne Maine, Gabriella (Ella) Warner, Georgia Jenkins, India Monllor, Kitty Gillings, Lauren Wood, Lizzie McGechie, Lucy Taylor-Hunt, Maya Lane, Megan Prill, Mia Regan, Millie Pearce, Nansi Kuti, Olivia Mitchell, Olivia Wilson, Phoebe Aisher.

Cornwall Hub (based at Truro & Penwith College)

Head Coach: Jean Davies.

Assistant Coach: Nadia Edyvean.

S&C Coach: Atis Amalgo.

Current players: Amy Walker, Antonia Sparling, Ayana Mills, Bethany Gummow, Bridget Wells, Bryher Croker, Drew Robinson, Elinor Powell, Esme Adams, Fabienne Bull, Freya Rowse, Izzy Hopkins, Katie Edwards, Leah Dooner, Liberty Hartley, Maia Adams, Martha Lushington, Olivia May, Phoebe Lagor, Poppy Allister, Rosie Bartlett, Sascha Mees.

Dorset Hub (based at Bryanston School)

Head Coach: Lucy Read & Sonja Payne.

Assistant Coach: Roni Peck.

S&C Coach: Jack Phillips.

Current players: Alice Conley, Emily Cridland, Emily Hammond, Emily Fitzpatrick, Emma Payne, Evie Corn, Georgina Ford, Giselle Burnett, India Still, Jaimee Browne, Jessamy Baker, Jessica Holloway, Katie Giles, Lauren Corn, Lily Clarke, Maddie Newcombe, Milly Davies, Molly Hole, Sasha Green, Skyla Erskine, Sophie Jackson, Zoe Shadlock.

Exeter Hub (based at University of Exeter)

Head Coach: Denise Ellis.

Assistant Coach: Salli Byrne & Lauren Dent.

S&C Coach: Patrick Dundass.

Current players: Amber Booth, Beatrice Renyard, Caitlyn Fee, Carly Stephens, Charlie Plumridge, Charlotte Steer, Ella Williams, Ellen Murphy, Hannah Barnes, Imogen Plumridge, India Leetham, Isla May, Jade Richards, Jemma Potter, Lauren Knight, Leila Fisher, Mahala Prince-Jones, Megan Hamilton-Strong, Megan Conabeare, Mya Hounsell, Poppy Sampson, Rachael Fee, Sascha Mees, Sophie Orchard, Sophie Ewin.

Changes for 2019-20

As of September 2019, the County and Satellite Netball Academies will be managed by a Talent Management Group which is chaired by Team Bath Netball. This will provide more of a flow between the Pathway. There are set age bands for each stage but there will be flexibility on this depending on training age and skill level.

Satellite Academy – U13

County Academy – U15

Team Bath Hub – 15+ 

Please get in touch with your local County Netball Association if you would like to trial for Satellite or County.

2019-20 Futures Pathway Trials

2019-20 trials have now taken place.

If you are interested in trialling for our Team Bath Hubs and are not currently part of the Pathway, please click here to fill out an application form and provide a coach’s reference. Please note, you are not guaranteed a space at our trials. Team Bath Netball will review your application and you will be notified if you are/are not successful.

Netball Performance League

Click here to apply for U19 and U21 trials.

Click here to apply for U15 and U17 trials.

Team Bath Futures

The Netball Futures Pathway is part of Team Bath Futures, a family of activities and services targeted at youth athlete development across a number of sports. The programme’s aim is to provide the highest level of care and service in order to develop good athletes, both physically and mentally, while reducing the risk of injury during the formative stages of their careers.

Find out more

For more information about the Team Bath Netball Futures Pathway, please email Lois Jackson or the netball office. You can also check out our brochure below – read below or download it in PDF format by clicking here.
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